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Fees and Client Examples

Our Fees

TorchLight Financial believes you should know exactly how much you pay your advisor. TorchLight is a flat-fee fiduciary advisory firm and charges one annual fee for comprehensive advisory services. The added value of a flat annual transparent fee:

  • No Commisions
  • No nickel-and-dime charges
  • You can connect with Laura throughout the year without any concern you'll be billed for extra time
  • Adding savings to your portfolio won't drastically change your annual fee, unlike the traditional 'assets under management' fee model

Client Examples

Bev and Jack

Bev and Jack

*A retired couple in their mid-70s living in a 55+ retirement community

*Total investment portfolio $1.6 Million (pre-tax assets and trusts)

*Take annual RMDs and use a portion for gifts each year

*Desire a personal relationship with a female financial planner as well as knowing they can connect anytime with someone who knows their personal situation and goals

*Enjoy reading, mediation, cooking, socializing and spending time in nature

Annual fee: $12,000 per year

<strong>Dana and Tracy</strong>

Dana and Tracy

*Dana is 62 and retired last year.  Tracy will retire this year at age 64.

*They have $2.1 million of assets (pre-tax, Roth and taxable) and two inherited IRAs from Dana’s parents.

*Both are interested in helping their children more as well as finding a smaller home in retirement. 

*Tax planning is very important to them as well as finding health insurance before age 65.

*They love to spend time at the cabin and exploring nature.

Annual fee: $14,000 per year



*Julie loves to spend time with her grandchildren and visit her family cabin and cruise with friends

*Julie had a later-in-life divorce and values having a trusted advisor whom she can talk to anytime without feeling judged or “dumb” like some other advisors she worked with when she was married

*Julie’s total portfolio is near $900,000 and she owns her home and has no debt

*Julie retired after a 25 year career and was able to get long-term care insurance right before her 65th birthday.

Annual fee: $8,000 per year

<strong>Mark &#38; Molly<br/> </strong>

Mark & Molly

*Mark and Molly have saved over $1.5 Million for retirement and are only in their mid-50s. 

*Seeking a guide to help navigate all the different considerations for retirement and financial goals was a primary reason for hiring TorchLight in 2016. 

*The total portfolio monitored by TorchLight includes outside 401k plans, stock plans, 529 plans as well as IRAs and Roth IRAs. 

*Mark and Molly have an extremely busy life with two of their children in colleges out of state, as well as both having full time executive level positions. 

Annual fee: $10,000



*After retiring from her position at age 70, Judy now enjoys time with her dogs and travel.

*Judy worked diligently to save for retirement and hired TorchLight when her friend shared how easy it is to work with Laura and never feel demeaned or shamed.

*After determining how much monthly income was needed upon retirement, Judy gets a monthly “playcheck” from her portfolio as well as Social Security.

*Judy can email or check in with Laura anytime and enjoys the quarterly reports for her $750,000 portfolio.

Annual fee: $6,000