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TorchLight Approach

*Personally customized advice for your financial life – each client has a tailored plan and portfolio

*Comprehensive financial planning and investment management for flat annual fee

*Integrated advice and services with your other professionals (tax preparation, insurance, estate plan)

You may be a future client if you meet the following criteria:

*Seeking a trusted relationship with someone who will know you personally and cares about you

*Values the advice and experience of working collaboratively

*Have saved at least $600,000 for retirement

*Desires a comprehensive approach for your financial life – it isn’t only about your investments

*Seeks open communication paths

*Crave transparent fees – one flat annual fee for comprehensive planning and investment advice

Services available to each client (there may be more that are not necessarily listed)

*Comprehensive planning throughout the year – specific advice for your situation when a financial decision arises

*Low-cost, institutionally designed investments – tailored to your financial situation

*Advice related to insurances (life, health, long-term care, disability, etc.) – using local and national insurance agencies to help get you properly insured or educated

*Retirement income strategies – when to draw Social Security; pension decisions; which account to use when for retirement income needs, and future Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)

*Personal tax projections with guidance about estimate tax payments, RMDs, income tax bracket optimization, long-term and short-term capital gains and coordination of tax preparation if desired

*Inheritance guidance and advice (inherited assets/etc.)

*Housing considerations – discussions and plan considerations related to selling or buying your home, moving into a retirement community or helping your child with home ownership

*If it involves any decision related to your finances – you’ll most likely be able to discuss it with Laura